About VS Movers

Our Roots

V.S started off 10 years ago targeting mainly the Food & Beverage delivery services. That includes providing manpower for the F&B services.

We began to diversify our services so as to reach out to more customers of different needs.
Now, we’re proud to announce that V.S. Movers & Logistic expertises a wide range of services such as Professional Household Relocation, Commercial Moving, Loading of Containers as well as Disposal of Bulky Items. Regardless of which service our client engaged us on, we promise to keep our services of high standard and high quality. Our ultimate aims are to keep our clients satisfied and pleased.

Our Vision

We strive to deliver efficient and excellent moving services in Singapore. We will work closely with our customers and understand their needs so as to provide the most fuss-free experience for our customers. Through understanding the needs, our customers can have a piece of mind. With the experiences accumulated throughout 10 over years, we have learnt and modified many areas thus, providing the most professional services for our clients. Through rigorous trainings, do rest assured that the quality of our workers is of a high standard. They handle all items with extreme care throughout the move. Hence, your items are definitely in reliable hands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries, our friendly customer service officers are more than delighted to answer any of your doubts!

Our Services

Residential Relocation

• Boxes, masking tapes and sticker labels provided.
• We help to pack and bubble wrap the items.
• Transfer the items from one location to the other.
• Experienced in moving expensive and bulky items like musical instruments.
• Dismantling of furniture and assembling.
• Unpacking of items.

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Commercial Moving

• Boxes, masking tapes and sticker labels provided upon request.
• We help to pack and bubble wrap the items.
• Dismantling of furniture and assembling.
• Transfer the items from one location to the other (including internal move within the building).
• We will plan accordingly to the client’s needs so as to minimize disruptions to the firm’s business activities.

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Piano Moving

• Load & Unload piano from containers.
• Quality packing and protection of piano.
• Safe and efficient delivery of piano through our skilled movers.

Loading of Containers

• Load & Unload items from containers
• Packing of items securely.

Disposal of Bulky Items & Storage

• Residential Disposal including unwanted furniture, residential waste and home appliances.
• Commercial Disposal including office furniture, documents and machinery.
• Confidential Disposal including confidential products and documents. Do rest assured we make sure any traces of such items will be destroyed.